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The Nourishing Garden was created in 2014 by Mariluz Rodriguez.  It is a small Amsterdam based company which  is focused on the diffusion of health through artisanally produced fermented and raw foods.

Mariluz has a broad creative background and a passion for health which brought her to the decisition of creating a company that  mixes both aspects.

The philosophy of the company is offering high quality food products created with care and love.  Every single piece is hand crafted and has a home made flavor to it that cannot be compared to any mass produced food.

Our  living fermented and raw foods are done in batches, every batch is unique so the flavor may vary slightly from one to another.

Lfe is highly influenced by the surroundings, so are our products. and both, energetic and enviromental factors, take a big part in the final result of our products.

 We dare to say that when you have The Nourishing Garden on your table you are serving a slice of life!

 © ursula jernberg

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