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The Nourishing Garden's Kimchi Cult is prepared folowing the ancient tradition of fermentation. And it is unpasteurized, making it

possible to bring to your table a vibrant living food

Kimchi is one of the world’s healthiest foods.It is loaded with vitamins (A,B,C), calcium, probiotics (lactobacilli) & protein while being low in calories & fat. Its pungent, sour, spicy taste makes it ideal to be mixed with a large variety of
dishes. It also can be eaten by itself as an appetizer.

It should be eaten raw in order to preserve all of ts properties


Napa cabbage, daikon radish, garlic, ginger, scallions,  celtic sea salt & red pepper flakes.


312 grms jars



B      A      C      K        T     O        L      I      F     E

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